What Can Solar Do for Your Community?

Lower Energy Costs Today & Manage Energy Costs Tomorrow

By switching to solar energy, your organization can immediately save up to 30 percent on its energy bill. Solar energy also makes it possible to manage energy costs, prevent spikes in your electricity bills, and invest more back into your organization.

Price of Solar Energy Compared to Price of Grid Energy, 2015-2028

* Future grid prices are based on historical data made available by the Energy Information Administration.

Take Part in the Clean Energy Movement

Millions of Americans are installing clean solar energy and becoming more responsible global citizens.
What are you waiting for?

We Offer the Most Affordable Financing for Your Solar Project

Sunvestment Energy Group’s vision is to bring the financial savings and environmental benefits of solar energy to every community in the United States.

We leverage key investor relationships to create a financing model, which allows at least a portion of each project to be funded by the community. This is how we spread solar and save you money.

Our Solar Financing Process

Community Organization

Your organization signs up to go solar for no money down.

Anchor Investors

We find the anchor investors who can turn your solar dream into a reality.

Community Funders

Members of the community can donate and invest in your solar project and typically receive rates of return of between 3-6 percent.

The Sun & the Earth

Free fuel from the sun produces your energy, you save money, investment returns stay local, and the earth is happy.

Solar Success Stories

We’re very happy with our solar array. We are meeting our goals for electrical production, and it enables us to have the smallest environmental footprint possible. Jim’s team was creative in trying to find a solution to fit our needs, and they came up with a solution in alignment with our way of thinking.

Pierre Noack

President, Aerzen

Become a Solar Ambassador

As a Sunvestment Energy Group ambassador, you bring solar to more people, become a leader of the clean energy movement, and a steward of the environment.

Invest in Your Community. Invest in Solar.