Investing in Solar with Confidence

Invest in the Highest Quality Solar Projects and Earn Competitive Financial Returns.

Investing in solar earns you an attractive financial return while you participate in building better, stronger, and more sustainable communities across the country.

Sunvestment Energy Group investments typically range from 4% to 8% with terms of 5-10 years. Corporate bonds composite bond yield for AA-rated municipal bonds with a 10-year maturity and Municipal Bonds composite bond yield for AA-rated bonds with a 10-year maturity from Yahoo! Finance, August 13, 2015. Online CDs APY from, August 13, 2015. Treasury notes yield on 10-year treasury notes issued by the U.S. Treasury, August 13, 2015. Savings account is based on highest APY available on, August 13, 2015.

How It Works

Build your own portfolio of projects and earn long-term returns.

1. Sign Up

Register as an interested investor to see projects available for investment.

2. Browse & Invest

Browse & access detailed investment information for all our solar projects. When you’re ready, invest directly in any project through the site.

3. Build & Save

Your investment funds the construction of the organization’s solar project so that they save money on their energy.

4. Earn & Manage

Investors earn returns from energy payments made by the project offtaker. Your investor dashboard enables you to monitor your investments, see your returns and access investment reporting documents.

5. Reinvest

Reinvest your returns in another project and enable another organization to go solar.

Invest in Your Community. Invest in Solar.